Saturday, June 30, 2007

So almost nine months later I finally figure out what I can use this for. Since I am planning on traveling on and off throughout my life why not start a travel blog?? Though the posts will likely be sportatic since I am obviously not going to be traveling ALL the time (though that would be kind of nice). . .

Anyways right now it is 3:50pm and I am sitting in the St. John's International Airport waiting for my flight to board. I was supposed to leave at 6am this morning but last night at 11pm I logged on only to find that my flight was cancelled. . .why was it cancelled? FOG. So I went over and was rebooked for a flight leaving at 2:40 and instead of being booked in economy I get to fly First Class (which means I am actually sitting right now in the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge. Free food, liquor, other drinks, comfy chairs and so on - pretty neat especially since I haven't flown in over 13 years!).

Now I did say it was 3:50pm though didn't I and my flight was leaving at 2:40pm so obiously the flight is delayed, first until and now until 5:10 then I'll be connecting in Toronto and arrving in Ottawa at 9:10 tonight. . . let's hope all goes well hey? Oh and let's keep our fingers crossed that my luggage arrives cause after I checked them I was sitting down, relaxing and noticed that it said "Halifax" on my copy of the tags. Halifax? Am I going to Halifam now? No. After checking with the girl though it turned out my bags were
heading there. . . anyways had the guys had to go out on the runway and find my bags so hopefully now we'll be arriving in Ottawa together. . .

And now a few pics from the Maple Leaf Lounge:


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